Available from GSI is the Binspector-CO2. This new monitoring system alerts you of grain spoilage using CO2 levels as an indicator. Monitoring CO2 levels provides the earliest possible warning of biological activity inside the bin. Powered by a solar-recharged battery and using a passive dust filter, Binspector has a low-power design and maintenance-free sensor life.

All CO2 measurements are stored for later access of grain-condition trends, and all information can be viewed online 24/7. Should your grain temperature or CO2 level change, alerts are available via text, voicemail or email. Continuous system status and hands-free software upgrades are available via wireless cell modem communication.

Binspector can be installed any time during any season whether the bin is full or empty. It takes less than one hour per bin for installation and startup. Installing Binspector removes the need for workers to climb bins to check for condition issues.

For more information, go to www.gsiag.com.