As conservation tillage gains popularity, growers will need equipment to manage the residue. Here is a roundup of residue managers and tillage tools to help corn and soybean farmers in the field.


Salford RTS

Salford offers the RTS and RTS Extreme vertical-tillage tools. Residue incorporation is around 30% with little black soil exposed. The coulter system and heavy-duty harrows resize and distribute residue. Models range from 12 to 60 ft. The RTS Extreme models range from 16 to 50 ft.

The individually mounted, 20-in.-diameter, eight-wave coulters on the RTS have up to 6 in. of vertical travel and move around obstacles. The bar frame and offset spacing allows for residue flow and is nearly impossible to plug. Coulter vibration, created by optimal operating speed of 8-12 mph, fractures the soil around and below the normal 1.5-3-in. operating depth. The coulters are 20 in. in diameter.

The RTS can be used in fall or spring for a variety of tasks including stalk chopping; cover-crop management; crust breaking; herbicide, fertilizer or manure mixing; and seedbed prep.

Optional equipment for the RTS includes 17-in. coulters, tow hitch, hydraulic lines to the hitch, single wheels or duals on wings, axle-pivot grease bank and 100-lb. weight kits.

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