1. Never enter a bin when unloading equipment is running, even if the grain is not flowing.
  2. When working with out-of-condition grain, be extra cautious about blocked flow, cavities, crusting and avalanches.
  3. Dislodge steep or crusted piles of grain from above, using a long pole rather than a short shovel.
  4. Always use a rope and safety harness when entering a potentially dangerous bin. Have two people capable of lifting you at the ready outside.
  5. Consider using two-way radios to communicate, since equipment noise may keep people outside the bin from hearing you.
  6. Don’t rely on a rope, chain or pipe ladder hanging from the roof. They may not be reliable, can obstruct flow during filling or increase drag during unloading.
  7. Always keep children off grain vehicles and out of bins when loading and unloading.