In light of efforts by some to not let a crisis go to waste, it’s important to note that salmonella’s presence is not confined to just one size of farm or livestock. It can contaminate any animal- or plant-based food from any kind or size of farm. Recently, lettuce and tomatoes were recalled after testing positive for salmonella. The last major incident in which eggs and salmonella were linked was two years ago in eggs from a cage-free, organic production system. Interestingly, agenda-driven activist groups – including those now taking to the airwaves – remained silent when these incidences became public.

Also, the conditions found at Wright County Egg are an exception. Hongwei Xin, a specialist in poultry housing at Iowa State University, has visited more than 50 egg farms in Iowa (including ones operated by major producers) and has never seen the combination of conditions described in the FDA reports citing Wright County Egg. He also has never observed mice or wild birds in henhouses.

Food provided by responsible Iowa farmers to consumers here at home and around the globe is safe, nutritious and affordable.  Organizations such as ISA are working diligently with farmers, state and federal regulators, elected leaders and food safety experts to keep it so. That’s a commitment from Iowa farmers to you and your family.

Kirk Leeds
Chief Executive Officer
Iowa Soybean Association