Spring rains and flooded fields have delayed or prevented planting for many farmers in Minnesota. If farmers have multi-peril crop insurance and have not been able to plant by their crop's final planting date, they do have options. For most of Minnesota, the final planting date for corn is May 31. For the northern counties it is May 25. The final planting date for soybeans in Minnesota is June 10. The late planting period extends for 25 days after the crop's final planting date. 

If a farmer was unable to plant corn on or before May 31 (in most of Minnesota) because of an insurable cause of loss, the farmer may:

  • Plant corn during the 25-day late planting period with the production guarantee being reduced 1%/day for each day planting is delayed after the final planting date. (But planting corn in Minnesota after June 10 is not recommended due to potential frost before harvest.)
  • Plant corn after the late planting period, that is after June 25. The insurance guarantee will be 60% – the same as the insurance guarantee provided for prevented planting coverage. (Again, planting corn after June 10 is not recommended.)
  • Plant soybeans on the land intended for corn before June 25 with full insurance coverage for the soybeans (but no prevented planting payment for corn).


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  • Not plant a crop and receive a prevented planting payment.
  • Plant a cover crop and receive a prevented planting payment.
  • After the late planting period ends, plant the acreage to another crop (second crop) and receive a reduced prevented planting payment for the corn.