With our grid sampling and GPS on the tractors, we’re variable-rate applying our fertilizer and lime, and we hope to get into variable-rate seeding soon.

We’re on a corn and soybean rotation, and we no-till unless we’ve tiled and need to even up the field. That saves us a lot of fuel.

We started grid sampling eight years ago, and now our whole farm is in 2.5-acre grids.  

It’s well worth it already. I’ve had a big decline in our fertilizer costs. We used to do straight 300 pounds NPK blend per acre, but the sampling showed we over-applied on our better soils and under-applied on our poorer soils.

Now, our yield monitors show we’re about average across our acres. Overall, it’s helped improve our yields.

We upgraded to a 12-row planter with splitter with new technology so we don’t over-plant the end rows, and I’m hoping for big seed savings.