Apps can be more than just business management tools. There are many apps that offer basic, every day utilities. And lets not forget about having a little fun, too. Here’s a roundup of free apps that come in handy and offer a little fun for those moments of downtime.

The Weather Channel. We all want to know what’s going to happen outside. And, this affects farming in a big way.

Flashlight. This handy dandy app will turn the flash from your phone’s camera into a flashlight.

iHandy Level. Believe it or not, this app will turn your phone into a level. Also available are plumbs, rulers and surface levels.

Convert Units. Need to convert area, angle, currency, energy, force? This app offers numerous conversion units at the touch of the screen.

Red Laser. This is a QR and barcode reader. You know those funny little pixilated squares you see on stories in our magazine? Download Red Laser then scan them. They’ll bring you the story on your phone.

For some fun, I recommend Cut the Rope, TicTacFree, Shotgun Free, Monster Trucks Nitro and of course, Angry Birds. Also, don’t be left out without Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or Pinterest.