“Ukraine is definitely in an expansion mode,” says Sifferath. “We’re seeing acres shift from barley and sometimes from wheat into corn. Farmers are seeing a better return on corn, soybeans and sunflowers than on wheat and barley.”

“This year Ukraine has been selling especially into the Eastern Mediterranean, including Syria,” he reports. “It is supplying corn to Spain, Portugal and Israel, and less to Algeria and Morocco. Ukrainian barley continues to be a big factor going into Saudi Arabia. It has a fair amount of exports to the big Asian players like Japan and South Korea, and there’s a lot of talk of future sales to China.”

“They are learning from us that this is how you feed the world,” says McGraw. “Ukraine is an agricultural jewel because of its great productive soil. I can’t say how fast it will happen, but down the road Ukraine will be back as the breadbasket of Europe.”