How do you create real value from your GIS field data?

“By converting data to knowledge” that can improve production decisions, says Dan Frieberg, president of Premier Crop Systems, West Des Moines, Iowa, a precision agriculture software company.

That means “going beyond what you can see on a map,” and moving to sophisticated data analysis at the field level and across thousands of acres of pooled data, he says.

Corn+Soybean Digest asked top precision-ag consultants to provide examples of how they use geo-referenced (GIS) data analysis to understand yield variability and make better agronomic decisions. In our series, “Making Data Pay,” you will read about:

  • How to decide if site-specific management makes sense on a particular field;
  • How to create management zones;
  • How to integrate financial and geo-referenced agronomic data and use it to evaluate decisions such as rent contracts and drainage improvements;
  • How to apply “big data” analysis to decisions on your own farm.

Look for these stories in future issues, or online.