The overall corn crop made good progress in the last week, reaching 23% overall dented, but still 22 points behind the five-year average. Corn condition lost 2 points in the excellent rating, and gained 1 in poor and 1 in fair condition. Soybean pod set gained 12 points in the last week, reaching 84%. The five-year average is 90% for this time of year. The overall soybean crop lost 4 points in the good/excellent category, picking up three in the very poor/poor condition.

Corn has hit dough stage on 70% of the overall corn crop. The corn in North Carolina hit above-average pace in the last week and is now 100% at dough stage, 2 points above the five-year average. Wisconsin has the least amount of corn at dough stage at 40%. There are four states that have less than 10% of the corn dented, including: Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. North Carolina has the most corn at dent stage with 93% of the crop dented. The next-highest percentage of corn dented is in Tennessee at 79%. Texas has 71% of its corn crop at dent stage.

Corn condition deteriorated 2 points overall in the excellent category and the overall crop is now at 59% good/excellent condition, and 14% very poor/poor condition. The best corn in the U.S. is in Pennsylvania where 89% of the crop is in good/excellent condition. This is just ahead of the corn in Tennessee (87% good/excellent) and Kentucky (88%). The poorest corn is in Kansas, where 28% of its crop is in very poor/poor condition.

The overall soybean crop in the U.S. is nearly all bloomed at 96%. The five-year average is 98%. Several states are 100% bloomed, including: Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio and South Dakota. No states have reached 100% on pod set, but states with more than 90% of their soybeans setting pods include: South Dakota, Ohio, North Dakota, Nebraska, Mississippi, Michigan and Louisiana.

The overall U.S. soybean crop lost some good and excellent condition points in the last week dropping to 58% good/excellent overall. The best soybeans are in Tennessee, where 83% of the crop is in good/excellent condition. There are a few states with no soybeans in very poor condition, including, Louisiana, MIssissippi and Tennessee. The soybeans in the worst condition in the U.S. are in North Dakota, where 20% of the crop is in very poor/poor condition. Seven of the 18 major soybean producing states have less than 10% of the crop in excellent condition.