Sometimes Mother Nature is like the Joker. That’s evident from the 2011 growing season. Hopefully your hybrid choice is like Batman. From trait options to staygreen to stalk strength to pest and disease resistance, hybrids can bring an arsenal of tools to combat most enemies. Corn & Soybean Digest has compiled a list of top hybrids from top companies. Use it as a starting point for selecting hybrids for next year. Be sure to also consider university, independent and company trial data when making your decisions.


2012 Hybrids Key

Hybrids are listed alphabetically by company, grouped into three relative maturity (RM) zones:

Early season (75-104 days)

Mid-season (105-112 days)

Late season (113-120 days)


Most herbicide and insect treatments are abbreviated. They include:

Agrisure 3000GT (3KGT)

Agrisure Corn Borer (CB)

Agrisure Glyphosate Tolerant (GT)

Agrisure Rootworm (RW)

Agrisure Viptera 3111 (VIP)

Genuity SmartStax (SS)

Genuity SmartStax RIB
   Complete (RIB)

Genuity VT2 Pro (2PRO)

Genuity VT3 Pro (PRO)

Herculex 1 (HX1)

Herculex XTRA (HXX)

Liberty Link (LL)

Optimum AcreMax (MAX)

Optimum AcreMax 1 (MAX1)

Optimum AcreMax Xtra (MAXX)

Refuge Advanced (RA)

Roundup Ready (RR)

Roundup Ready 2 (RR2)

Vectran Triple (VT3)


Editor’s Note:This list isn’t intended to be comprehensive. Companies included on this list were identified through Corn & Soybean Digest’s 2011 Reader Profile. The top companies named by growers are listed.