In the past 11 years, we’ve only had two representatives with our major seed supplier. That’s been nice. When you have a long relationship with them, you know they aren’t trying to sell you seed to get rid of a particular hybrid. With today’s precision technology it’s easy to see exactly how particular hybrids or varieties fared so you know exactly what has happened.

I rely on these representatives to let me know what’s available now and what’s coming down the line. We still use a lot of independent data such as F.I.R.S.T. Trials  (Farmer’s Independent Research of Seed Technologies) or Integrated Ag Services.

In our area, the hybrids that are Roundup Ready alone are almost doing better without the stacking of additional traits. We haven’t seen the advantage. But it has paid off for my brother in Ohio, using Roundup Ready technology and triple stacks that include rootworm protection.

Now weed resistance issues have us moving back somewhat to multiple herbicide modes of action.